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Anonymous: I apologize if this is rude. But may I ask what your coming out story is? :o

It’s not rude at all, imo.
Well all throughout high school and some of middle, I dated girls due to the fear of being rejected by my own friends… And cos it wasn’t normal (being raised that way).
I shoved every incident where I found myself thinking of men or seeing them naked on tv or on the web in such a desirable way, and continued to tell myself that what I was thinking was only because I loved the male physique and that I wanted to look toned and sexy when I was older. I continued to do so until I graduated and moved out of state which was in 2011, then found out about an app called grindr where I could meet gay guys in my area. This was all so new to me, which I was so skeptical about at first, though it never turned out to be a bad idea. I told everyone I met working at my new job and friends I made at school that I was straight. I then began to see guys and slowly came out of my ‘discreet’ zone. I ended up dating this one guy (for a year and a half) but during the 5th or 6th month he wanted me to come out and I kinda did as well, so I called my mother first and talked with her..even though there wasn’t much talking so I hung up. I told most of my close friends through text cos I didn’t have the luxury of meeting up with them due to moving up north, and just decided that it would’ve been easier to come out on Facebook and tumblr. After all was said and done, this dreadful shadow on me had lifted. I felt so amazing, like I wasn’t hiding who I was or lying to anyone anymore. It feels amazing to be who I am.. Not who I chose to be.

caskaboo: Do you remember when I used to call you marshmallow? Lol

Sorry for the late relply! I haven’t been on in awhile.
Yesssss :)



it’s almost two in the morning and I’ve had two red bulls in the past hour and I can’t stop laughing at this oh god what has my life come to


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My wolf child and my self

Thanks to you, I know what it feels like to be be truly loved, and be able to love back twice as much. #love #gay #igdaily #boyfran #arty&sean #soulmates #mineallmine
The most adorable #baby in the world! #infant #cute #love #babygirl

I wish

I had someone to talk with.. But I know I’ll never be able to get a shrink.
I need a journal

Swear to ‘your’ god

I will ruin your life if you fuck with me or the ones I love. You won’t be too happy.

Oh man! What a good ass time! #roller #coaster #six #flags #themepark #boyfriend #love #gay #may21 #igdaily #iphone #instamood  (at Raging Bull)


This is so not worth it.